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Ronda is a life-long resident of the City of DeQuincy and is the daughter of E.J. (Buddy) Perkins (deceased) and Melba Cole Perkins. She was employed 23 years at DeQuincy High School as a paraprofessional and has been retired for 3 years. She serves on the Executive Board of the Calcasieu Federation of Teachers and also on the State Board in Baton Rouge.

She was elected in 2010 to represent District 2 of the city as councilperson. She served as President of the Council in 2013. Ronda is married to Garland Jacobs and has three children, Morgan, Marissa, and Marlon. Morgan and Leigh have two children — Emily and Caleb. Marissa and Steve Blackburn have two children — Baylor and Riley. Marlon and Tibb have two children — Reese and Lila.

As Councilperson for District 2 of the city her priorities have been to resolve issues in a more effective and efficient manner. Teamwork between council members and the mayor can only improve and promote our city.