Mayor's Welcome Letter

As the Mayor of the City of DeQuincy, it is my honor to welcome you to our community where you will find is the perfect place to plant your roots. Being born and raised here, it is my hope that you too will visit and see for yourself the hometown atmosphere that abounds not only in the city limits but in the surrounding area as well. DeQuincy owes its very existence to the Railroad and Timber Industry so your first stop should be our 1923 Kansas City Depot which houses our Railroad Museum; the Depot is on the National Registrar of Historic Places. It is located right across the street from City Hall where our staff is more than willing to answer all your questions concerning our fair city. Our schools are second to none along with numerous active churches of many denominations.

I hope this website proves useful in providing information concerning relocating or just coming for a visit.

Feel free to contact City Hall at 337-786-8241 if you need more information. There is always someone willing to give you a personal tour of “Our Town”!


Lawrence Henagan, Mayor